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Vacation Destination Tips
I'm a very picky vacation connoisseur. Vacations, to me, are opportunities to explore. And relax. O.K., and to eat things my doctor would kill me for...

With that in mind, I figured I'd share a bit of my vacation travels. And give lots of unsolicited travel advice.


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston surprised me on my first visit many years ago. I expected to find a typically frantic, sterile city with very little personality. What I found was a very pleasant, walkable city with an eclectic – but intriguing -  blend of history, culture, shopping and dining.  I’ve returned several times over the years and continue to enjoy visits there.

Where to Stay

I’ve stayed in three general areas in Boston:


Downtown (where I’d recommend the Swissotel)


Back Bay (where being in or near the Copley Plaza shopping district is an advantage for casual dining and shopping)


Cambridge (where I don’t have an immediate recommendation).

The BackBay/Copley Plaza area is my favorite lately, as its shopping and theater district are a clean and safe walk from most hotels in that complex.


How to Get Around

bulletThe mostly completed Big Dig (Boston's 15 year $15 billion project to bury the interstate that ran through downtown) has transformed surface transportation into a vaguely pleasant big city traffic nightmare. Therefore, I only rent a car when I plan to leave the city. Taxis are fine from the airport to your hotel.
bulletBoston has an old, but very serviceable subway system where the cost between any two points in the city is roughly $1.  I generally find the subway easy to use, reliable, if a bit claustrophobic in some stations.
bullet Old Town Trolley – Boston has several sightseeing “trolley car” services that run one or more loops through Boston with on and off service, allowing you to stay on and get on overview of the city, or hop on and off and hit the city highlights. They’re not rail-based trolley, really just little busses – sometimes open air. I’d recommend Old Town Trolley – they had very reliable service, very friendly drivers and pretty accurate historical commentary. They had one or multi day passes, and often have discounts or freebee deals.


What to Do

bulletHave New England clam chowder at a Legal Seafood Restaurant. One of my favorite seafood chains, its noted for its creamy, rich and generally very fresh clam chowder. Not normally much of a seafood fan, I do enjoy the menu and particular the freshness of product at Legal Seafood. I’ve been known to order Legal Seafood chowder via FedEx for my birthday…call me crazy, but its great.
bulletTake in a Boston Pops Concert. I’m not much of a symphony fan, but the Pops is a great experience. Their young conductor has continued the Pops reputation for high quality yet diverse musical offerings. The acoustically perfect Symphony Hall where most of their concerts are held is just a few blocks away from Copley Plaza in Back Bay.
bulletWalk the Freedom Trail – Boston has a pleasant mid-city walking path starting at the Boston Commons garden area and going through the heart of the city to the Harbor and to the Bunker Hill Monument. It’s a self-paced tour through history that is especially nice on a spring or fall morning.