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I'm not really a pet guy. Never have been. But in spite of myself, I got attached to Cassidy's ferrets and tried to give them and their follow-ons a good home. I hope their short lives were better for that effort.


Bob's Ferrets... they were supposed to be Cassidy's....

From 1997 to early 2005, I was blessed with the companionship of several wonderful pet ferrets. They've all gone on to a kinder place, I know. And my home - and life - is a much sadder place with their departure. No longer will soft noses and bright eyes await my return. Neither will the comforting moment of a cuddle in the arm just before the anxious, restless squirm to be let down and explore. Gone is the shared joy over forbidden cereal treats and the warm, rough lick thanking me for a brief romp together before another lazy nap.  Our moments together were too brief, little ones, far too brief. Our time is warmly and fondly remembered to this day. And often remembered with a tear.

Fuzzy Friends Gone Ahead

Teddy II

What a mug! O.K., I should have trimmed his nails before I took the picture. He loved turning over trash cans.

teddy.jpg (19319 bytes)

Teddy II, the last of Bob's ferret companions, passed on in January of 2005. Teddy was the oldest - nearly 7 years old - and the gentlest of Bob's ferrets. On his passing, my heart was broken; I have rarely shared my home since.

For Teddy  


Where, I will ask, do the little ones go

When their earthly time so quickly is past?

And where now for warmth do these little ones gather

When old lovers suddenly hold them no more?


These little ones who unfailingly gave all and then more

Of self and of time and of soul

Now know they the way to the life far beyond?

And shall soon we embrace on that shore?


Here now in the heart do our little ones go

When their frail, aged bodies give way.

When gone are their trials and pains and distress,

For a home none may yet dare betray.


Here now in the mind do our little ones live

When their tired, gentle eyes close one last time.

Bring oft to our own eyes a wet sparkling reminder

Of moments

Now gone

But still felt

When their trust gave, yet gives, comfort;

When their touch gave, yet gives, joy;

When their love gave, yet gives, hope.


Sleep well, my little one.

Wait patiently for me on the far shore.

Iíll be home soon.

RHJ 1/2005




Trelot and Tutter - With the help of the good people at FACT in Bristol, we located Trelot and Tutter who had apparently been abused in their first home but adapted to life at Bob's house very nicely.  Named by my nieces for critters on the "Bear in the Big Blue House" television show (which I apparently remind them of...), these two lively guys again came from my friends at F.A.C.T of Bristol, TN. I felt like Teddy needed fuzzier companionship than me after our mutual loss of both Taz and Rikki, so these two came to our home. There were supposed to be Teddy's age, but I think they were in fact much younger.  Trelot and Tutter were definitely bouncier than Teddy. Doubled their weight shortly after arriving.  Teddy seemed to have had enough of "new ferrets" in his life;  He tolerated playing with Trelot and Tutter most days, but had nervous problems if he had to share a cage with them at night. Teddy was not much pleased with the addition of these two lively guys to our quiet household, and was often tackled and nipped by his two new housemates, so I kept Trelot and Tutter in their own cage for several months. Eventually, Teddy decided to tolerate these two and I put all three in the same (huge 6' high) cage.

Trelot had chronic stomach problems and, shortly after our Fall 2002 move to Memphis, Trelot became seriously ill. After many weeks of care and attention, I reluctantly let Trelot leave us. Some months later in 2003, Tutter began to suffer with what was probably a tumor, and - again - Bob and Teddy lost a good friend. Teddy and Bob missed both deeply, but we know their deteriorating quality of life had left us little choice. We remember you both fondly, little Trelot and Tutter.

Trelot, after a quick snack

Trelot and Teddy at the house of their favorite vacation sitters, Andi and Jef Damewood.

Tutter... he was always camera shy



Rikki Tikki

On September 1, 2000, I went to to a great ferret shelter organization (F.A.C.T. of Bristol, TN) and adopted Rikki Tikki, a 3 year old guy. The process of introducing Teddy II and Rikki Tikki, two "senior ferrets", to each other was quite an ordeal. They fought a long time to be "alpha male", but they settled on a compromise sharing "Alpha-ness" from day to day. Both Teddy and Rikki seemed to appreciate having another fuzzie around, even though they sometimes fought like crazy. Click on the thumbnails of Rikki below for a larger pic.

webrikki1.jpg (10800 bytes)  webrikki3.jpg (105386 bytes)

Caution: Ferrets at Play

Playing ball was about the only team recreational activity Teddy and Rikki could agree on. Click on the thumbnails for a clearer picture.

ferretsandball.jpg (114732 bytes)  ferretsnball2.jpg (69208 bytes)

Rikki passed away in early 2001, again likely due to a tumor. ;-((

Teddy and I both were, again, devastated.


And below are some pictures of the late, great Taz, an albino. Taz left Teddy II and Bob in late Spring, 2000. He had suffered from multiple nodes of lymphoma, a cancer common to ferrets. He bravely endured two months of chemotherapy and was well and lovingly cared for by the good people at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital (special thanks to Dr. Isabelle Langlois), but Taz just couldnít hold on. Those who know me know Iím not much on public displays of emotion, but I cried most of the day he left us. And still do when I look at these pictures of my little lost friend.

Dear little Taz,  I still miss you. And always will.

taz1web.jpg (57136 bytes) taz2web.jpg (68413 bytes)