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Visit to India
  1. 2008 - Kochi & Mumbai

  2. Spring, 2012 - New Dehli, Agra, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Shimoga, Chennai, Kochi

Memories of India

Things I want to Remember about India

bulletTrees with deep orange flowers that look like fire in the forests...
bulletSpicy-laden warm gentle breezes...
bulletHard working people...
bulletFunny Brit accents...
bulletSo many moustaches
bulletBig smiles everywhere..
bulletThe morning breeze through darkened archway giving a first view of the Taj Mahal
bulletCattle and dogs roaming freely in the streets
bulletSponsored cages around new street-side trees to keep cattle from eating them
bulletThe Trident Hotel Gurgaon
bulletThe awesome club sandwich in the Trident's casual restauraunt
bulletMy room with a tranquil water view
bulletThe incredible staff at the Trident Hotel
bulletThe quiet inside the Trident Hotel
bulletReading Shanteram throughout the trip
bulletHow "Dirty Picture" wasn't
bulletBeautifully dressed women
bulletMen in long sleeves and athletic undershirts in 100 degree heat
bulletBright colors everywhere and on everything
bulletMen comfortably holding hands
bulletSubtle spice and lily scented hallways in the Kochi Taj Malabar
bulletTender water chestnuts in sweet coconut milk for dessert
bulletSoft shell crabs at the Rice Boat Restauraunt in the Taj Malabar
bulletThe touching, thoughtful farewell from the staff at the Taj Malabar

Things I'd rather forget about India

bulletGarbage and trash citywide
bulletConstant street noise
bulletFunky, musty smells
bulletStreet side public urination
bulletCrazy traffic
bulletOvercooked, spicy vegetables
bulletStruggling to understand heavily accented English in important moments
bulletNot realizing the language being spoken is English
bulletDaily malaria pills
bulletWalking shorts for men considered immodest
bulletThe slums
bulletBare mid drifts on 60 year old women
bulletDinners starting at 7:30pm


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