Robert H. (Bob) Jackson, Jr.
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Family Background
I'm richly blessed to have a warm, supportive immediate and extended family.


I was born and raised in Tullahoma, Tennessee. My father, Robert H. Jackson, Sr., a University of Tennessee graduate, retired in 1998 from his job as Senior Stress Analysis Engineer at Arnold Engineering and Development Center and my mother, Peggy Ormes Jackson, manages the household.

I have one sister, Patricia (Trish) Jackson Potts. She and her husband, Hal, have two beautiful daughters, Bridgette and Kellye and live in Nashville, Tennessee. Hal is a CPA involved in personal management for the music industry. Trish completed her Masters in Fine Arts degree, currently is employed as a teacher in a Nashville area school system, and balances career, husband, daughters and a household.

I have a godson, Cassidy Cripe.  In February, 1997 his girlfriend, Lora, gave birth to a son, Chase. Cassidy and Chase live in Illinois and, in spite of lots of difficulties, both hold special places in my heart.

Through Cassidy's infinite generosity, several fuzzy small pets have inhabited my home in past years.

I enjoy travel, theme parks (especially Disney), national parks, hiking in the Smoky Mountains National Park, and dining out.

Some of my favorite things:
bulletPOG (a Passionfruit, Orange, Guava beverage blend served regularly in the Hawaiian Islands)
bulletMy mother's homemade chili over rice
bulletDarjeeling Autumnal Tea with sugar
bulletOKF brand Coco Natural coconut drink
bulletFresh lean ground beef cooked medium
bulletClive Cussler fiction
bullet70's music
bulletThe Hilton Waikoloa on the Big Island in Hawaii
bulletPortofino Bay Hotel in Orlando
bulletTraveling in Italy with my family

The Heart of Family
Central to every healthy family is an unfailing but regularly challenged commitment to unconditional love.